Monday, January 19, 2015

A Child's Dream? Apt. 426

9:00 am, after a fun night at the bowling alley for a tournament, I walk down the street to my shop. I get there, ready to unlock the door, 2 times, and start my day. Then, I realize that the window is smashed open and glass covers a good portion of the sidewalk. 

This reminded me of what my parents house looked like when I was little. Messy and destroyed. My OCD stems from that old house. Nothing ever seemed to be in order, so now as a result, everything must be in order. But not today. My bakery is a mess. It looks like a little kids dream. There are cupcakes everywhere. White frosting covers some areas of the floor like an ice skating rink. Sprinkles cover the counter like a mini ball pit that kids love to jump in. My childhood was never that fun though, and this break-in of my store is not fun to me. 

Looking at my burglarized shop, the reality is that all my baked goods are destroyed, and the cash register is emptied out. The good part is that I emptied and took the money in the cash register to the bank a couple days ago since I knew there was a lot of snow predicted to come, so there wasn’t too much money that I lost. 

I was determined not to loose too much, since a lot of the time, it seems like I lost my childhood. 


  1. Hey mentioned your shop in a post. Nothing you need to respond to just thought you should know.

  2. I like how you give some backstory and explanation to your OCD. I will say, it sounds a tad bit forced, but it's there, so that as good. I want to know more about your characters parents. There seems to be some good conflict going on, so you should write about that.

  3. I like the introduction of back story. I'd love for you to expand on it more as you write more. I want to read more.

  4. Let's meet at a fire in the park off Shellac avenue