Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thankful for Hand Sanitizer

Early this morning, I was walking to work, when I heard all this chatter about a man that jumped off the roof of the asylum. What if this is a sign? What if someone is coming to get me to take me to the asylum? My OCD gets worse and worse each week. I have gotten to the point where I use hand sanitizer every time I walk into a new room. All I want to do some days is live my life in a glass cage. A glass bubble. Not plastic, because plastic wouldn’t be thick enough. Oh, and the glass would have an automatic cleaner that would constantly remove any smudges. Sadly, I can’t clean away my obsessive and compulsive thoughts with hand sanitizer.

I decided that I needed a drink, so I headed down to the bar. On my way there, taking two footsteps in each cement square of the sidewalk, I realized that a blue Subaru seemed to be following me. Freaked out, I turned down an alley way to let it pass. I saw some girl in front of graffiti crying about how now everyone knows about it. Who knows what her deal is. The only part of the graffiti that I could see said "Serenity, remember how..." I stopped for a split second to try to figure out if she is ok, but then just end up staring because social interaction with strangers isn’t my strong suit. Suddenly, all I could think was “Oh no no no no no!!  No. No. No. This is not good! What did I just do!” I realized I had been stepping on a crack in the sidewalk. Great, now I will have bad luck. I walked briskly away from the girl by the graffiti and concentrated on taking only two steps per square until I finally made it to the bar. 

The bar was packed, so I sat at the counter in the corner seat. Next to me, was a sad, lonesome looking man, and in front of him was a glass of scotch, with no ice. He looked like he had a rough day. I thought multiple times to myself, "Maybe I should talk to him. I wonder what his story is?" But then, I was repulsed as I realized that his dirty, or rather filthy, jacket had been touching the side of my leg, and to make matters worse, it got a blue dot of what looked like paint on my leg. That was enough. I needed to go take a shower, or rather bathe myself in disinfectant.